Working at Height – Keeping Your Employees Safe

Working at height carries significant risk, and all businesses should ensure they have everything in place to eliminate risk and allow employees to work at height safely. The right equipment, procedures and training are essential.

Here we look at the key things to consider to ensure all employees working at height can do so safely.


Ensuring that everyone can communicate at all times is integral. There should not be a time when someone working at height is not within earshot of their team. Being able to communicate within the team will help the work run smoothly and also alert people of potential issues and dangers.

If an accident occurs, quick reactions are crucial, so employees should always be able to raise the alarm easily. If they cannot be within earshot, they should be provided with reliable phones or radios to enable swift communication.

Assess Work Carefully and Plan Ahead

Looking ahead at job schedules is a great idea for organisation and safety. Assess all sites and the work involved. Doing this ahead of time will allow the correct equipment and safety procedures to be implemented.

A site visit is the best idea so you can assess the workspace and potential access limitations. Arrange the necessary equipment and tools to work at height to avoid danger or delay. Identifying all potential hazards will eliminate the risk of nasty surprises. It is always better to over-prepare than to risk employees beginning work without the correct safety equipment or training.

Safety Checklists

All work sites vary in size, access options and risks. Reviewing your safety checklist upon agreeing on each new job is the best way to ensure you are not caught out. It is a good idea to issue a safety checklist for each employee working on the site, as their needs and risks may differ.

Ensure all employees understand their checklists and have reviewed them correctly, depending on the site’s conditions. Regularly creating, modifying and issuing safety checklists will help to keep safety and risk management at the front of employees’ minds.

Safety Equipment

The above steps are important but do not eradicate the need for using the right safety gear. If you are unsure how to safely do a job at height, consult a specialist in the industry, such as Complete Lifting Services.

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