What’s the difference between Crane Hire & Contract Lift?

As seasoned operators across various sectors, we recognize the significance of even the smallest detail in delivering the end result your project demands. Our wide array of teams, cranes, and transport allows us to customize our services to suit your project’s requirements. It’s this blend of experience and knowledge that enables us to consistently achieve results for our clients.

However, we understand that for many people, crane hire is not a routine activity.

That’s why, when it comes to comprehending our services, it can be challenging for customers to determine which crane and what type of rental their project will necessitate.

To assist you, we’ve created a helpful guide to the two primary types of crane rental that will make your project run more smoothly.

While various cranes could be used for your project – including mobile, crawler, and mobile tower cranes with capacities up to 1000t – there are two primary ways they can be rented.

Below, we’ll delve into the details of what are commonly known in the industry as Crane Hire and Contract Lifts.

What is Crane Hire?

Crane Hire refers to renting a vehicle from our well-maintained and updated fleet of over 400 cranes.

With the Crane Hire service, Complete Lifting Service also provides an expert crane operator who is CPCS ‘blue card’ qualified and will follow your instructions competently and efficiently. They will work to our standards and expectations, and your Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS).

Under the CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) crane hire terms and conditions during the crane hire process, you would be fully responsible for supervising any work undertaken on-site and have complete liability for the vehicle, operator, and lifting operations as outlined in your Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS). You are required to prepare all necessary paperwork, including Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS), appoint an Appointed Person and lifting team to oversee planning, select a suitable crane, ensure compliance with BS7121 and LOLER, and provide insurance coverage (commonly referred to as hired in plant insurance and third-party liability cover) for the crane and team while on your site.

You will also be entirely responsible for the ground conditions at the crane’s berthing location and access/egress to and from the site.

Considering the importance of this role, we always recommend that your Appointed Person possesses the appropriate experience and training within the operating industry. Essential skills include knowledge of slinging and signaling duties.

Some businesses may have their own Appointed Person capable of managing the necessary preparation and supervision for a safe lift. However, for many businesses, employing an Appointed Person or possessing the experience and expertise to handle complex lifts, locations, and conditions when using a crane or engaging in complex activities may not be a regular occurrence.

If that sounds like you or your business, a Contract Lift might be a better choice.

What is Contract Lift?

Contract Lifts are the ideal solution for companies that do not have their own Appointed Person and require a fully managed, turnkey lifting solution.

Similar to Crane Hire, we provide specialist, best-in-class equipment and a team to complete our task with this option. However, customers who choose a Contract Lift under CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) contract lift terms and conditions receive a much broader service.

This includes:

  • Site visits/scope of work
  • Selection of required crane
  • Lifting plans
  • Risk assessments (including COVID-19 compliance)
  • Method statements
  • Appointed person
  • Slinger/signallers
  • Transport
  • Traffic management
  • Insurance Cover
  • Damage to crane
  • Loss of hire during the repair
  • Lifted Goods
  • Public Liability

All of the above are provided by the most experienced team in the industry from our nationwide network. This means we can plan and execute the lift, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your project.

Under the terms of a standard CPA Contract Lift, the safe operation of the crane and the safety and welfare of the operator are our responsibility, including the supply of an Appointed Person who will be responsible for all aspects of planning and execution of the lift.

Contract Lift comes with the reassurance that the majority of the responsibilities, legal liabilities, and potential financial risks rest with us, rather than you or your business.

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So, the difference between Crane Hire and Contract Lift is relatively straightforward, but if you’re still uncertain about which option is best for you, don’t worry; you can always contact our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We’d be thrilled to discuss how we can support your next lifting project.

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