Tower Crane Management

At Complete Lifting Services Ltd, we can provide a one point of contact service for all your Tower Crane requirements from single to multiple-crane sites.

We can advise you from the tender stage about the best way to service your project; considering access issues and crane options to help you decide what will be the most cost and time efficient option to take.

Once we have agreed on an overall option, we go to the market on your behalf to find the best supplier; preparing documents to tender the requirement to crane suppliers, analysing proposal solutions and advising you on their recommendations.

After the crane type and programme has been confirmed. We help you receive the tower crane on site; attending on your behalf to oversee the installation and ensure site safety or simply providing someone with crane awareness to work with your project team for the installation.

We prepare the Lift Plan you will need to ensure a safe system of work once the tower crane has been commissioned and is operational. We can also review and recruit the lifting team members if required.

We will then act as Appointed Person for the project; providing expert advice, conducting monthly site inspections and RAMS reviews, planning upcoming lifts to identify potential issues, and conducting toolbox talks with the crane driver and lifting teams to pre-empt potential problems.

Tower Crane Management
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