Spotlight on the Kato CR-200Ri 20te City Crane

In the dynamic world of urban construction, the Kato CR-200Ri 20te City Crane stands out as a compact yet powerful ally. Offered by Complete Lifting Services, this crane is specially designed to operate in the constrained spaces typical of city environments. This blog explores the innovative features, applications, and advantages of the Kato CR-200Ri, highlighting why it is a preferred choice for various urban projects.

Compact Design with Robust Capabilities

The Kato CR-200Ri City Crane is renowned for its compact design, which allows it to manoeuvre through narrow roads and operate in tight spaces where traditional cranes cannot access. Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t compromise on power. The crane boasts a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes, making it ideal for a wide range of lifting tasks from building materials to heavy equipment.

Advanced Technological Features

One of the standout features of the Kato CR-200Ri is its advanced technology. Equipped with a high-performance, fuel-efficient engine, the crane operates quietly and effectively, an essential characteristic for urban operations. Additionally, it features state-of-the-art safety systems, including moment limiters and anti-two block systems, which ensure operations are not only efficient but also exceptionally safe.

Versatility in Applications

The Kato CR-200Ri is versatile in its applications, serving various sectors such as construction, utilities, and even event setups. Its ability to quickly deploy and dismantle makes it particularly useful for projects with tight deadlines or those that require frequent relocation of the crane. Whether it’s for constructing new buildings, renovating structures, or installing heavy art pieces in urban spaces, the Kato CR-200Ri provides reliable support.

Environmental Considerations

Complete Lifting Services is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations, and the Kato CR-200Ri aligns perfectly with this commitment. Its engine is designed to reduce emissions, and its efficient operation means less fuel consumption, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint during construction projects.


The Kato CR-200Ri 20te City Crane is a testament to Complete Lifting Services’ dedication to providing innovative lifting solutions that meet the demands of modern urban construction. Its compact design, powerful lifting capacity, and advanced safety features make it an invaluable asset to any project, especially those in densely populated urban areas. For companies looking to enhance their operational efficiency while adhering to safety and environmental standards, the Kato CR-200Ri is an excellent choice.

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