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Full CPA Contract Lift.
In this high-risk industry, we recommend that customers who are not experienced in hiring cranes and therefore not aware of the responsibilities, duties and risks to take this option over the standard CPA Hire route.

A contract lift is the main alternative to a standard CPA crane hire.

Under a CPA Contract lift Complete Lifting Services Ltd will provide:

  • Free site survey to discuss your exact requirements.
  • Specify best lifting service/s and crane size to suit your site.
  • Detailed AutoCAD Site Layout Drawing (Plan/Elevation).
  • Lift Plan which is inclusive of Method Statement.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Berthing study.
  • Insurance up to a maximum liability of £25,000 in respect of goods being lifted (Can be increased on request). £5million in respect of public/Products liability and £10million in respect to Employers liability.
    Fully accredited personnel (CPCS)
  • Lifting equipment & accessories that are properly maintained, tested and certificated.
  • Traffic Management, Road Closures, we fully liaise with councils, local authorities.
  • This significantly reduces the level of risk and financial costs in real terms for you the customer; even if the upfront costs of a contract lift are usually more than CPA crane hire agreement.

Crucially, We Complete Lifting Services Ltd take on the following risks, which under CPA would be the customer’s responsibility:

  • Are responsible for loss or damage to the crane and associated equipment while on the customer site and under their control.
  • We are liable for continued hire charges if the equipment is rendered incapable of function due to loss or damage.
  • We take on legal liability in the event of an injury to the driver while under the supervision of the customer. This legal liability also extends to injury to third parties and damage to property arising from the lifting operation while the crane is on site.

In other words, we at Complete Lifting Services Ltd take on most of the risks and responsibilities that would otherwise devolve on the customer.

When viewed in this way, many buyers and procurement managers will breathe a sigh of relief at the prospect of a Contract Lift, as opposed to a CPA crane hire, despite the higher upfront costs.

Mechanical plant installation and removal/relocation.

On certain projects it may become apparent that a standard crane lift will not be adequate to remove or indeed install a particular item of mechanical plant and/or materials.

There are a whole host of reasons for this, a number of them are listed below.

  • Item is situated within a building with limited to zero head-room.
  • Item is situated within basement or indeed the internal upper floors of a building.
  • There is no suitable land mass to position a standard mobile crane.
  • The area available for crane positioning is of inadequate size.
  • The List above is just a few of the issues that you may come across. At Complete Lifting Services Ltd we can look at your installation/removal needs from a different perspective. We offer our clients a technical solution that fits your business requirements, the varying environments and indeed budgets.

Complete Lifting Services Ltd offers over 16 years of experience in the installation and removal of all different types of mechanical plant, Vehicles, furniture, Steel work and materials.

At Complete Lifting Services will utilise not only manual but a number of mechanical means to achieve the above, Such as: Spider Cranes, Mini Crawler Cranes, Floor Cranes, Forklifts, Stair Climbers, AWS Skates, Hydraulic jacks, Skoots, furniture lifters and many more. Whatever the project requires we at Complete Lifting Services Ltd can source it and utilise it to complete the project in a safe, time and cost-efficient manner.

Traffic Management.

On certain projects it may become a requirement to position the crane or lifting appliance on the public/private road way. At Complete Lifting Services Ltd we offer the one point of contact service whereby we will arrange the following through our network of trusted Traffic Management providers. By doing this we take away the hassle and burden of having to contact all the relevant local authorities and councils which can sometimes be a drawn-out affair.

What we offer at Complete Lifting Services:

  • Site inspections / meetings to assess requirements.
  • Liaising with local authorities and councils to arrange relevant permits and licences.
  • Submission of proposals / applications and relevant fees.
  • Detailed CAD plans with diversions pedestrian restrictions etc.
  • Provide all signage and segregation and 12D qualified personnel to implement works.
  • Full Road Closure.
  • Lane/Partial Closure.
  • Pedestrian Management.
  • Traffic Management Systems.

Lifting Consultancy.

In this high-risk industry, it is imperative that all Lifting Operations are suitably planned and supervised throughout. This is to ensure that all operations are carried out in a Safe manner and that all legal obligations are met and abided by.

Complete Lifting Services Ltd offers a consultancy services at every stage of your project, from tender to completion. Lifting management or crane management can have a major impact on contract duration and costs if provision is not made at the planning / tender stages. We can provide a practical consultancy service which helps to ensure your projects are HSE compliant and cost effective.

Working closely with your project team, we review all submitted documentation for your proposed lifting operation. This enables us to ensure the proposed cranes and team being contracted by the client meets the standard required legally. In addition to this we discuss with you any site-specific details and requirements, ensuring these have been given consideration by the contractor.

Once all has been signed off and agreed, Complete Lifting Services ltd can supply a consultant with relevant experience to oversee the planned works being implemented.

Whether you require a full management package for large multiple tower crane sites to third party RAMS reviews and sign off from one of our qualified appointed persons we have the right skills, knowledge and insurance to cover all scenarios.

Lifting Plans and Risk Assessments.

If your company is looking to hire a crane of any type or indeed any form of lifting appliance you will require a lift plan to ensure full compliance with health and safety legislation.

At Complete Lifting Services Ltd we can create a detailed Lift Plan, method statement and risk assessment to suit your requirements.

We would create the lift Plan based on information received from you the client. For some intermediate classed lifts and all Complex Lifts a site visit would be required to complete the document. Then at the beginning of the lifting Operation we would visit site and brief all personnel involved within the lift I.e.: Lifting Appliance Op, Lifting Supervisor and Slinger/Signaller.

The Lifting Supervisor would then take supervision of the Lifting Operation. If the Lifting Operation was over a prolonged period (More than 2 Months) we would set up a bi-monthly site visit to ensure that the document was kept updated and to confirm that no major site changes have affected the effectiveness of the document.

We would also be at hand throughout the length of the project to answer any technical queries you may have and update aspects of the lift Plan if required. Complete Lifting Services is committed to offering you market leading support before, during and after your project “Do I even need a lift plan”

Within BS7121-1:2016 (Code of practice for safe use of cranes) it states that a safe system of work should be established and followed for every crane installation operation or lifting operation, whether it is an individual lift or a group of repetitive operations.

All lifting operations should be planned to ensure that they are carried out safely and that all foreseeable risks are taken into account. Planning should be carried out by the appointed person who has the appropriate knowledge for the lift being undertaken. The outcome of the planning process should be a written lift plan which includes risk assessments, method statements and supporting information, such as a schedule of lifts, drawings and photographs.

The definition of “Lifting Operation or Lift” is the movement of loads or persons that involves a change of height. This means that is you intend to use any item of plant to carry out a “Lift” i.e. Crane (All Types), Forklift (All Types), Excavators. It is a requirement under the code of practice to have a Safe System of work in place which is inclusive of a Lift Plan.

British Standards and British Standard Codes of Practice do not have the force of law, but they do represent best practice and may be referred to in a court of law in the event of an accident and if you cannot prove that the system you were utilising was superior to the standard you could indeed face prosecution. It is therefore in the best interests of all involved in the use of lifting appliances to follow their recommendations.

Tower Crane Management.

At Complete Lifting Services Ltd, we can provide a one point of contact service for all your Tower Crane requirements from single to multiple-crane sites.

We can advise you from the tender stage about the best way to service your project; considering access issues and crane options to help you decide what will be the most cost and time efficient option to take.

Once we have agreed on an overall option, we go to the market on your behalf to find the best supplier; preparing documents to tender the requirement to crane suppliers, analysing proposal solutions and advising you on their recommendations.

After the crane type and programme has been confirmed. We help you receive the tower crane on site; attending on your behalf to oversee the installation and ensure site safety or simply providing someone with crane awareness to work with your project team for the installation.

We prepare the Lift Plan you will need to ensure a safe system of work once the tower crane has been commissioned and is operational. We can also review and recruit the lifting team members if required.

We will then act as Appointed Person for the project; providing expert advice, conducting monthly site inspections and RAMS reviews, planning upcoming lifts to identify potential issues, and conducting toolbox talks with the crane driver and lifting teams to pre-empt potential problems.

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