Mechanical Installation & Removal

On certain projects it may become apparent that a standard crane lift will not be adequate to remove or indeed install a particular item of mechanical plant and/or materials.

There are a whole host of reasons for this, a number of them are listed below.

  • Item is situated within a building with limited to zero head-room.
  • Item is situated within basement or indeed the internal upper floors of a building.
  • There is no suitable land mass to position a standard mobile crane.
  • The area available for crane positioning is of inadequate size.

The List above is just a few of the issues that you may come across. At Complete Lifting Services Ltd we can look at your installation/removal needs from a different perspective. We offer our clients a technical solution that fits your business requirements, the varying environments and indeed budgets.

Complete Lifting Services Ltd offers over 16 years of experience in the installation and removal of all different types of mechanical plant, Vehicles, furniture, Steel work and materials.

At Complete Lifting Services will utilise not only manual but a number of mechanical means to achieve the above, Such as: Spider Cranes, Mini Crawler Cranes, Floor Cranes, Forklifts, Stair Climbers, AWS Skates, Hydraulic jacks, Skoots, furniture lifters and many more.

Whatever the project requires we at Complete Lifting Services Ltd can source it and utilise it to complete the project in a safe, time and cost-efficient manner.

Mechanical Installation & Removal
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