Lifting Plans & Risk Assessments

If your company is looking to hire a crane of any type or indeed any form of lifting appliance you will require a lift plan to ensure full compliance with health and safety legislation.

At Complete Lifting Services Ltd we can create a detailed Lift Plan, method statement and risk assessment to suit your requirements.

We would create the Lift Plan based on information received from you the client.

For some intermediate classed lifts and all Complex Lifts a site visit would be required to complete the document. Then at the beginning of the lifting Operation we would visit site and brief all personnel involved within the lift I.e.: Lifting Appliance Op, Lifting Supervisor and Slinger/Signaller.

The Lifting Supervisor would then take supervision of the Lifting Operation. If the Lifting Operation was over a prolonged period (More than 2 Months) we would set up a bi-monthly site visit to ensure that the document was kept updated and to confirm that no major site changes have affected the effectiveness of the document.

We would also be at hand throughout the length of the project to answer any technical queries you may have and update aspects of the lift Plan if required. Complete Lifting Services is committed to offering you market leading support before, during and after your project “Do I even need a lift plan” Within BS7121-1:2016 (Code of practice for safe use of cranes) it states that a safe system of work should be established and followed for every crane installation operation or lifting operation, whether it is an individual lift or a group of repetitive operations.

All lifting operations should be planned to ensure that they are carried out safely and that all foreseeable risks are taken into account. Planning should be carried out by the appointed person who has the appropriate knowledge for the lift being undertaken. The outcome of the planning process should be a written lift plan which includes risk assessments, method statements and supporting information, such as a schedule of lifts, drawings and photographs.

The definition of “Lifting Operation or Lift” is the movement of loads or persons that involves a change of height. This means that is you intend to use any item of plant to carry out a “Lift” i.e. Crane (All Types), Forklift (All Types), Excavators. It is a requirement under the code of practice to have a Safe System of work in place which is inclusive of a Lift Plan.

British Standards and British Standard Codes of Practice do not have the force of law, but they do represent best practice and may be referred to in a court of law in the event of an accident and if you cannot prove that the system you were utilising was superior to the standard you could indeed face prosecution. It is therefore in the best interests of all involved in the use of lifting appliances to follow their recommendations.

Lifting Plans & Risk Assessments
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