Full CPA Contract Lift.

Full CPA Contract Lift.

In this high-risk industry, we recommend that customers who are not experienced in hiring cranes and therefore not aware of the responsibilities, duties and risks to take this option over the standard CPA Hire route.

A contract lift is the main alternative to a standard CPA crane hire.

Under a CPA Contract lift Complete Lifting Services Ltd will provide:

  • Free site survey to discuss your exact requirements.
  • Specify best lifting service/s and crane size to suit your site.
  • Detailed AutoCAD Site Layout Drawing (Plan/Elevation).
  • Lift Plan which is inclusive of Method Statement.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Berthing study.
  • Insurance up to a maximum liability of £25,000 in respect of goods being lifted (Can be increased on request). £5million in respect of public/Products liability and £10million in respect to Employers liability.
  • Fully accredited personnel (CPCS)
  • Lifting equipment & accessories that are properly maintained, tested and certificated.
  • Traffic Management, Road Closures, we fully liaise with councils, local authorities.  This significantly reduces the level of risk and financial costs in real terms for you the customer; even if the upfront costs of a contract lift are usually more than CPA crane hire agreement.

Crucially, We Complete Lifting Services Ltd take on the following risks, which under CPA would be the customer’s responsibility:

  • Are responsible for loss or damage to the crane and associated equipment while on the customer site and under their control.
  • We are liable for continued hire charges if the equipment is rendered incapable of function due to loss or damage.
  • We take on legal liability in the event of an injury to the driver while under the supervision of the customer. This legal liability also extends to injury to third parties and damage to property arising from the lifting operation while the crane is on site.

In other words, we at Complete Lifting Services Ltd take on most of the risks and responsibilities that would otherwise devolve on the customer.

When viewed in this way, many buyers and procurement managers will breathe a sigh of relief at the prospect of a Contract Lift, as opposed to a CPA crane hire, despite the higher upfront costs.

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