Crane Hire in Southend

When you need to hire a crane in Southend, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Complete Lifting Services has crane rental services to meet the needs of customers in Southend and the surrounding area.

You can rent a crane in Southend for any project, no matter how big or small it is. We have cranes for projects of all shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find one that fits your lifting needs. The cranes we have for rent can be used on any surface and are sure to meet your needs for hiring a mobile crane.

When it comes to hiring a crane in Southend, our team of experts has a lot of knowledge and experience. Can you afford not to find out more today?


Complete Lifting Services in Southend

Complete Lifting Services guarantees that any of the services we offer will meet or even exceed your needs, giving you a good way to lift heavy things easily. Complete Lifting Services is a company that specialises in high-quality services. One of these services is Southend crane hire, which makes it easier for you to finish building projects faster.

When you hire a crane from us in Southend, we focus on giving you a fast, flexible service that fits the needs of your project.


CPA Crane Hire Southend

Complete Lifting Services is the best place to go if you need to rent a crane at a good price. We do a lot of things, and CPA crane hire in Southend is just one of them. There are a few differences between the services we offer for Southend crane hire. One of them is that CPA crane hire lets you be in charge of your project.


You need to choose someone to oversee the lifting process. This person should have a lot of experience and know the rules for lifting. Complete Lifting Services’ Southend crane hire can’t go wrong because they will give you a good crane and a worker.

When the crane is on your site, you are in charge of it and how it works; the operative will just do what you tell them to do. When you rent a CPA crane in Southend, you’ll have to plan the lift, send signals, and keep an eye on the crane while it’s in use.


Southend Contract Lift Crane Hire

Complete Lifting Services Cranes is a perfect alternative to CPA Southend crane hire if you’re looking for a different option. We don’t just rent out CPAs, we also rent out contract lift cranes. Even though a crane and a person who knows how to operate it will be provided, most of the work will be up to us (the crane hire company).

Just before crane can be used, our experts will do a risk assessment. This will pretty much stop any risks from happening. Complete Lifting Services also offers contract lift crane hire in Southend. This is to make sure that we have legal liability for any damage or loss that happens on-site.

Need more information about hiring a crane in Southend? Call us today at 01277 321740 to talk in-depth with the team about your needs.

Please Note

With the introduction of BS7121 (British Standard Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Cranes) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations), clients who don’t have enough experience and knowledge to plan and supervise crane operations must place orders on a Contract Lift basis.

When a client rents a crane from CPA Crane Hire in Southend, they must provide an appointed person and a detailed Safe System of Work for our operator before the lift. BS 7121 says that the person in charge must watch over the lifting operation (Safe Use of Cranes). The clients must also get the right amount of insurance coverage.

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