Crane Hire in Chelmsford, Essex

Welcome to Complete Lifting Services, the reliable partner you need for all your crane hire requirements in Chelmsford, Essex. For years, we have been providing exceptional crane hire solutions to construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries in Chelmsford. We understand that every project is unique, and that is why we have a range of cranes in different sizes and lifting capabilities to cater to your specific needs. Our skilled and experienced crane operators are dedicated to ensuring safe and efficient lifting services. All our cranes are regularly maintained and serviced to guarantee their reliability and safety.

Our Range of Crane Hire Services in Chelmsford, Essex

We provide a broad range of crane hire services in Chelmsford, Essex, which include:

  1. Mobile Crane Hire: Our mobile crane hire services provide flexible lifting solutions for various projects, whether in the construction, engineering, or industrial sector. Our cranes are available in different sizes and configurations to match your specific needs.
  2. Mini Crane Hire: Our mini crane hire services are perfect for projects where space is limited, and access is restricted. Our mini cranes are versatile and compact, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor projects.
  3. Spider Crane Hire: Our spider crane hire services are suitable for projects where access is difficult or restricted. Our spider cranes are lightweight, compact, and have a small footprint, making them perfect for lifting heavy loads in confined spaces.
  4. Contract Lifting: Our contract lifting services offer an all-inclusive lifting solution, including the supply of cranes, lifting equipment, and expert crane operators. We also provide a site survey and risk assessment to ensure efficient and safe lifting.

Why Choose Complete Lifting Services for Crane Hire in Chelmsford, Essex?

Several reasons make us the preferred crane hire company in Chelmsford, Essex, including:

  1. Expertise: Our experienced crane operators possess the required knowledge and skills to deliver safe and efficient lifting solutions.
  2. Reliability: We have a well-maintained fleet of cranes that are reliable and efficient.
  3. Safety: We prioritise safety, and all our lifting operations comply with the latest health and safety regulations.
  4. Competitive pricing: Our crane hire services in Chelmsford are competitively priced.
  5. Customer service: We prioritise excellent customer service and are always available to answer any queries you may have.


What size crane would be needed for my project in Chelmsford?
The size of the crane necessary for your project is contingent on factors like the weight of the load and the distance from the crane to where the load will be lifted or set down. Other variables like the characteristics of the load or limited access may also determine the type and size of the crane. The experienced team at Complete Lifting Services can provide informed advice on the right crane size for your specific project needs in Chelmsford, Essex.

Which areas does Complete Lifting Services cover?
Complete Lifting Services extends its crane hire services to all parts of the UK, including Chelmsford, Essex, and the Channel Islands.

Why might I need a contract lift in Chelmsford, Essex?
You have the option to choose between two types of services: CPA Crane Hire and CPA Contract Lift.

With CPA Crane Hire, the customer is responsible for the entirety of the lift. It’s your responsibility to secure insurance against any potential injury or damages to the equipment or third parties during the lift. Also, you must ensure the availability of an Appointed Person and professionals to supervise the lift, as well as a trained Slinger Signaller to manage the load, and that a safe Lift Plan is in place.

In the case of CPA Contract Lift, the Complete Lifting Services team assumes primary responsibility for the Lifting Appliance, Operator, and the lift operation. The hirer insures the plant against damage and assumes legal liability for any eventualities during the lift. They also provide the required personnel for the operation.

Your choice between CPA Crane Hire and Contract Lift depends on various factors such as your budget, available resources on site, insurance, and the balance between your tolerance for risk and the upfront cost.

How can I make a payment for crane hire services in Chelmsford, Essex?
Payments can be processed via a debit card or BACS Payment. It’s important to note that the funds need to be cleared before the hire start date. Alternatively, you can apply for an account with us (this is subject to credit checks), and then you’ll receive an invoice with a 30-day payment term from the receipt of the invoice.

Are there any other products or services that Complete Lifting Services offer in Chelmsford, Essex?
Yes, Complete Lifting Services provides a wide range of services including Contract Lift Supply and tower crane management in Chelmsford, Essex. For more details, kindly refer to our homepage.

Is a Lifting Plan required for crane hire in Chelmsford, Essex?
Yes, as per BS7121-1:2016 (Code of practice for safe use of cranes), a safe working system should be implemented and adhered to for every crane installation or lifting operation. The planning process should result in a written lift plan, inclusive of risk assessments, method statements, and supporting information such as a schedule of lifts, drawings, and photographs. The specialists at Complete Lifting Services can help formulate a detailed Lifting Plan.

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