Crane Hire in Brentwood

A crane can be an indispensable piece of equipment when it comes to heavy lifting and construction tasks. Complete Lifting Services offers crane rental services to Brentwood and the surrounding area, assuring the completion of your project safely and effectively.

Brentwood-based Crane Hire Company

Complete Lifting Services is a major Brentwood-based crane rental firm. We have been in the industry for many years and have a team of qualified and experienced operators that are committed to giving our clients with the greatest quality of service. We have an extensive selection of cranes that can tackle any size project.

Our Services

Complete Lifting Services provides a variety of crane rental services in and around Brentwood. Our services include:

We offer a fleet of mobile cranes that can be quickly relocated to your location. They can be used for a variety of lifting jobs, including construction, demolition, and industrial applications.

Tower crane rental can be the most efficient and cost-effective alternative for major projects. Our tower cranes are available for both short- and long-term rental and can be utilised for a range of operations, such as building construction, bridge construction, and heavy lifting.

Our crawler cranes are perfect for situations where stability and accuracy are of utmost importance. They are suited for a variety of jobs, such as foundation construction, heavy lifting, and the precise placing of heavy items.

Heavy haulage: We also offer heavy haulage services to carry your equipment and supplies safely and effectively.


Complete Lifting Services places a premium on safety. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that all of our cranes are in good working order. Our operators are thoroughly trained and certified, and we adhere completely to all safety standards.

Complete Lifting Services is the company to contact if you are in need of crane rental services in Brentwood. No of the size or scope of a project, our seasoned staff and extensive inventory of tools can handle it. Contact us immediately to discuss your unique requirements and receive a price.


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